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AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use), 2nd Gen Porcelain Mortar & Pestle Pill Grinder Explicitly Designed for Crushing Pills, Medicine, and Medications (Patent Registered)

AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use), 2nd Gen Porcelain Mortar & Pestle Pill Grinder Explicitly Designed for Crushing Pills, Medicine, and Medications (Patent Registered)

  • Easy to Grind
  • Superior Quality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Affordable
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  • 2nd Gen Pill Crusher. This patented porcelain pill crusher is explicitly designed for crushing pills or medication into fine powder with less efforts.The open space of the AUVON also means it can crush even large pills. If you're looking for an affordable, sturdy and handy medicine crusher, this is the way to go.
  • Easy to Grind. Many grinders rely on the users to twist the grinder, so this may not be a great fit for people with arthritis in their hands or wrists. While this medication smasher has an ergonomic design on the top of the pestle, making it much easier to grip and grind. To enhance effective grinding, the interior of the mortar and one end of the pestle have been specifically processed with a fine matte-texture (It‘s normal to see a few residues left after each use).
  • Superior Quality. The thickness of this porcelain crusher is doubled compared to normal ceramic mortar & pestle to avoid it being broken when pulverizing medications. While crushing, please watch out for keeping things from jumping out. (Note: Do not drop it from the high end.)
  • Easy to Clean. You may find this mortar and pestle saves you time and effort, because there is nothing to take apart for cleaning, and the porcelain surface rinses off and dries more quickly than plastic. (Tips: wash it after each use, dry before storing and keep it away from acids or detergent).
  • What Your Receive: 1 x AUVON Mortar & Pestle Pill Crusher, Our 12-Month Warranty, and Friendly Customer Service. (If you receive any broken goods, please feel free to contact us for replacement )
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Regular price $8.99
Regular price Sale price $8.99


Why AUVON's mortar?
AUVON Porcelain Pill Crusher, an ancient grinding tool, is a professional solution for small dosage pill crushing. Make your pills or medication easy to be crushed up by getting the pill grinder from AUVON! It is an ideal grinder for the elderly and your pet / dog / cat / horse etc. Choosing AUVON's mortar, you don't need to worry getting less medications once crushed by grinders. No need to concern to cut big pills into small parts before grinding. This one is perfect for small dosage pill grinding.
For Whom to Use?
-People who have swallowing issues -People who can't bear the smell of pills -Elderly people -Pets (Dogs / Cats / Horses) Warmly attention: Please consult your doctor or medication specification carefully before mix the powder with food
  • How to Use it

    -Hold the Mortar Handle and smash the pills to make it granular.

    -Rotate the Mortal Handle to make the pills become powdery.

    NOTE: When rotating the pills, do not move too much or the fine powder may come out from the bowl.

  • Easy to Clean

    The pill crusher with smooth surface is quite easy to clean. You can clean it under water directly. In case of any dangerous pill blending, please wash it after each use.

    Maintenance and Care

    -Wash prior to first use.

    -After the first use, wash with water directly.

    -Dry before storing and keep it away from acids detergent for longer lifespan.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The bowl is made of fine-quality ceramic materials and strengthened in thickness can remain relatively stationary when applying pressure. The pestle is designed according to the curve of the human hand making it easier to grip and grind without hurting your hands.


    As pill crusher device, keep it out of reach of children and pets. Always consult your physician before using the products.

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